Bel Woodhouse / / Australia

June 20, 2020

As a tarantula the size of your hand winds its way up your arm, it's not the size that makes you uneasy, it's the tingles from each one of eight feet landing that makes your skin prickle. 

I met this beauty in Tikal – the heart of the Mayan empire – in the jungles of northern Guatemala. 

Wandering the winding walkways through sub-tropical jungle there is an abundance of wildlife. Vibrant and shimmering emerald, bronze and azure blue feathered Ocellated Turkeys walk alongside you. Things scurry off into the undergrowth as you come near, exotic birds call from the canopy and if you're not careful a cheeky spider monkey may throw poo at you. It's every nature lovers dream. Well, maybe not the poo throwing. 

Being a nature lover every moment was bliss. Immersed in the jungle I felt my lungs expand breathing in the clean crisp air as my heart eased. Yes, every moment, even the poo throwing incident couldn't squash my joy. But when we came into a clearing and...

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