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May 18, 2019

Alright I admit it, for me, being the little peace loving vegetarian I am, this is an easy question to answer. No thank you. 

But you know I love the weird. Discovering superstitions, unusual traditions and strange foods eaten locally around the globe. Well I have a great story for you today my darling little travel baggers.

A tale from México, of coloured bright orange and purple bugs Mexican grandmothers call 'the meat we eat'. They love chowing down on these roasted beauties and consider them a delicacy looking forward to the time of year when they are found in abundance on Mesquite trees. 

Found by accident when I almost face planted into a bunch of these baby bugs in the tree overhanging the stairs, I should tell you that they really aren't that small. About an inch long, thank god they were so brightly coloured or they'd be all over my face. So, imagine my surprise when I actually took a step back and looked at these gorgeous bugs....

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