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January 20, 2019

Guess what my darling little Travel Baggers?... I'm a jeweller. Well I was for a day anyway. If you are like me and love gems, unique experiences and falling totally love-at-first-sight in love with a piece, then you'll understand how making your own masterpiece is one of the most gratifying experiences in the world. The blood, sweat and tears are worth it! Okay that's a fib, it was more like... laughing with friends over freshly made Mayan hot chocolate from hand ground cacao beans in between bouts of grinding and polishing. 

But when it's finished ... I swear I looked like one of those cartoons, you know the ones, where my eyes stood out on stalks with those little love hearts like the emoji. Yes, that was me making my jade pendant. See, Guatemala is famous for its Jade or haa-dee as they pronounce it, and the process is quite a spiritual one. 

First, you select stone, it can be your favourite colour or a stone that 'speaks to you' when you...

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