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Here it is!!

Well Ladies and Gentlemen, here it is. The long awaited and frequently requested Blog you have all been bugging me to start. This feat of genius is being bought to you from Cozumel, Mexico. Relaxing on the rooftop patio of my quaint B&B, The Tamarindo holding a lovely glass of 2012 Merlot from Chile seemed like a good time to finally start this much awaited Blog cataloguing my travels.

Why now? Well, having already spent over five weeks on the road touring India and Cambodia I finally have the time to sit down and start. And what better place than

the gorgeous Island of Cozumel off the coast of Playa del Carmen in Mexico. Although the turquoise waters are beaconing me to play I shall remain strong and finish this Blog business. I promise. But boy, you owe me because you have no idea how beautiful it is here.

Diving, snorkelling and water sports abound. Sea life is colourful, friendly and so close to shore you can literally walk in off the beach and find treasures you will remember for a life time. Once you have had your fill of this visual feast there are Palapas right on that same beach you can walk up to and get that thirst quenching iced tea or bucket of beer depending on your preference, only a few metres from shore. Literally.

My favourite is Cafe Del Mare which when a local recommended it, endeared itself to me as the owner greets you, all smiles wearing a shirt that simply said 'Hati- Hati' which means 'Be careful' in Indonesian. Wearing a big cheeky grin that is contageous, I am not entirely sure what I am suppose to be wary of. Interpreting, we both started laughing as he admitted to having another shirt the same as the one I was wearing. A gorgeous big elephant I'd bartered for in Cambodia and won for $2US. In that moment a kindred travelling spirit was found. Full of adventure and life. One with similar experiences to my own. As always fellow travellers recognise one of their own and readily accept them making my afternoon spent at the cafe all the more special. Sitting on the deck with the most perfectly made iced tea in hand, it didn't get better than that.

So to sum up, here is the Blog I shall continue to build, with your love and support of course as I could not do it without that and please email me with feedback.

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