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Tikal my fancy

Well those of you that know me, know I simply love ruins. Culture, Myths, Legends of all ancient civilizations, tribes and clans will keep me enthralled anytime day or night. Tikal was no different. That Mayan marvel cast a spell captivating my entire being.

From the first time rounding a bend in the jungle you inadvertantly raise your gaze to a break in the wall of green before you and see one towering through the treetops your feet stop of their own accord. So colossal your neck muscles scream at you to stop tilting your head back so far your brain is barely able to believe what your eyeballs are seeing. Those Mayans sure knew how to build em. Exploring those magnificent ruins, getting in all the nooks n crannies and climbing a gazillion stairs to reach the top has got to be on everyones bucket list. If it's not I am simply shocked.

Words can't describe standing on a platform built thousands of years ago in the middle of a Guatemalan jungle beholding spectacular views overlooking the canopy. Yes it's that high. Toucans call to each other amongst the trees below whilst your gaze meets several other Temples so brilliantly engineered they still stand proudly high above the sea of jungle canopy at your feet. Like floating on nature herself.

Those views are some of the best of my life, I don't know about yours, but sincerely hope you experience something similar in your lifetime. Even though huffing and puffing from the climb and my heart beat so hard I thought it may pop out of my chest and flop around on the ground....the views stole my breath, soothed my soul and something inside shifted to a place of peace.

Wildlife teems in the canopy as you walk. Melodious bird song unheard before amazes your ears whilst your eyes eagerly search the treetops hoping to see one of the rare green Toucanettes, rarest of all Toucans.

Luckily, that day, Mother Nature herself opened her heart and treated those around to a sighting of all three native Toucans. Along with a Grey Fox and the most stunning turkeys I have ever seen. Yes you heard me, Turkeys.

And like all mothers, she has a healthy sense of humor with her children.....obviously....she has Spider Monkeys overhead. Just keep your mouth closed when looking up as their sense of humor is throwing poo at you! And they are a pretty good shot too. One tourist was missed by about an inch as a high speed scat sped straight toward her head narrowly missing as her group scattered like starburst. Fancy that. Hilarious for those of us around who were stumbling along tripping over treeroots whilst looking up to ensure we didn't share the same fate and secretly hoping Karma didn't bite us for laughing at poo projectiles.

Apart from that one little mishap, Tikal is a stunning paradise enchanting all your senses that has definately tickled my fancy and is aptly named the centre of the Mayan empire.

But before I go, seriously, check out these turkeys......they are gorgeous....go on, admit it. THAT is a good looking turkey!

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