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Hello lovelies,

I was just sitting and sewing a patch onto my backpack (as I’m fond of doing in each country visited so I don’t lose track) when something stopped me. A fantastic photo caught my attention. This one. And I just had to stop and tell you about that magical night. The night I fell a little in love with a woman. Or man. Ummm, just look at her and tell me you wouldn’t.

Isn’t she fabulous! For the first time in my life there was a lesbian scare because yes folks, I fell a little bit in love that night. Wait, can I be a lesbian if she is a Ladyboy? Hmmm, not sure. I’ll just go with it. But how could I not? She’s gorgeous.

Fantastic photos, gorgeous costumes, delicate choreography and graceful dancers made up the best ladyboy show of all time. Well certainly the best of my life.

This marvel happens in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Marked by a huge ladyboy statue outside, their own theatre awaits you, ready to make you laugh, cry and gasp at the sheer beauty of it. And trust me, you will.

Theatrical pleasure at it’s best. Such grace. Such fun. At one point the lady next to me laughed so hard she had a coughing fit and I almost had to do CPR. What a way to go. Death by hilarious Ladyboy.

The good thing about a riveting show is that when surrounded by a collective gasp during a performance it’s hard not to get sucked in. A few hundred people riding a live show like a wave is fantastic. Everyone ‘ooo-ing’ at the same time. Washing over you wringing emotions you wouldn’t realize you could have had during that two hours which passed in what felt like half an hour. True entertainers, they engross you so the time flies like magic.

Oh, my eyeballs may never recover from the wonder. And before you laugh, it was more than a ‘tranny show’ the likes you have probably seen in Thailand, Singapore, Bali and Vietnam. No, this was tasteful, wonderfully good theatre.

Amazing costumes flared out as dancers circled the main lead supported by fountains of satin surrounding them in the form of backup dancers. And my god – the feathers!! No wonder I was in love.

Encompassing Cambodian, Indonesian, Buddhist and local tales, along with many others this stage show had it all. Even a Beyoncé hit that had the audiences feet tapping and all singing along before they realized it. Now that is a good performance. Mine were tapping too, you can't help it. The show is contagious and gets under your skin until your body wants to dance....sometimes without your permission.

So promise me ladies and gents, if you ever get to Siem Reap in Cambodia, please go and see it. You will laugh, you will gasp in awe, you will almost wet your knickers laughing so hard you cry. Especially over the skits. You will love it!!!

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