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An Angel Told Me a Story Today... seriously.

Have you ever had an intense experience that is truly remarkable and leaves you slightly reeling? Well today as I walked down the street returning home, I did. I heard a voice. No, not inside my head... I'm not going crazy, it was a man who was standing in store doorway. This is pretty common here, in Cozumel, as they yell out to try and get you to go into their store and buy something.

But this was different.

He approached me and asked what I did. Replying that I was a writer, everything changed. Moments passed under the intense gaze of his pale green eyes as they sized me up, then suddenly he smiled and asked if I would sit and talk with him a little while. Normally I would say no thank you and move on but for some reason I went inside and we talked. Named after an Archangel, Michael, he began telling me a story. His story. An interesting story of the highest ranking Rabi in Russia, an estranged family and soul-searching world travel. Successes and failings, internal struggles and magic. This angel has certainly led an fascinating life.

This is Michael, a photo he took earlier that morning standing outside that same shop under that same tropical sun where we met. I don't know how to make a halo appear in my photos or maybe he wears it naturally, but it certainly is fitting don't you think?

Photo courtesy of Michael, my Angel.

Once again, he simply stared at me as if deciding something then said "Yes. You are my writer, sent to me to write my book." Just like that, as if it was all preordained and I was just going along for the ride. Fated and destiny entwined to place us in each others paths for this to happen. Will it happen? I don't know. Honestly, if I end up writing something that's great, and if I don't then that's OK as well.

The moral of the story is - life can change in a heartbeat affording you fascinating and wonderful experiences, so when you are approached by an angel, sit and listen and maybe they will change your life.

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