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My True Love is a Dolphin!


Yes I'm kissing a dolphin... but are any of you surprised? Really?

Everyone that knows me knows I am an avid ocean lover. I adore being on it sailing, cruising or paddling around. I love being in it swimming or snorkelling and I love being at one with it submerged any way I can Sea Trekking or diving down. Basically ... if there's an ocean ... I'm happy. I won't lie, sometimes I feel more at home in the water than on land.

In my heart of hearts I believe all of the sea creatures are my friends, yes even the sharks, holding a special place deep within and when visiting with them it always brings a sense of peacefulness to my soul. So, is it any surprise that when offered the chance to swim with dolphins, I jumped at it. The taxi couldn't get there fast enough for me to fall 100% head over heels in love... with this guy... the one I'm giving smooches.

Dolphin Power

Ramesses is his name and like the almighty Pharaoh of old he is so powerful he took my breath away. In one of those 'unforgettable moments' you experience only a few times during your lifetime, its hard to describe the pure exhilaration I felt the moment he touched the sole of my foot and began to swim.

Like an eco-friendly speedster of the ocean, all of a sudden we were zooming along, me squealing in awe of the power he generated and him sending waves radiating out behind making it look super easy. Forget horsepower, it should be dolphin power! I was in love, in awe, and in total admiration of this gentle, intelligent being.

The best part for me, apart from the kisses of course, was the belly ride. Being belly to belly with a dolphin is indescribable. The sheer power is staggering. It was the most exhilarating experience of my life that amazed every cell in my brain and body.

After swimming out quite a way, Ramesses gently came up beside me. Under my outstretched hand, he half rolled placing his pectoral fin right into my hand. It was amazing. Then he continued to roll for you to take the other one before taking off and you're hanging on for dear life as he propels you through the water.

He's swimming upside down, belly to belly with you, it's amazing.

There is no description to what it feels like to be propelled through the ocean this way. It's a singularly breathtaking experience.

The biggest surprise of all is that he seems genuinely happy. Before, I had always felt sorry for the dolphins in these sorts of places but they are happy, healthy, having lots of babies and their wild ocean friends come to visit daily, hang out playing and interacting with them.

So I guess I was proven wrong. The employees at this park are passionate about all things dolphin. They rescue injured or sick wild dolphins and rehabilitate them. As soon as possible they release them back into the ocean with minimal human contact so they can rejoin their pod. It is these wild dolphins that come to visit almost daily as if saying thank you.And you know the best part.. if a dolphin doesn't feel like playing with humans that day... he doesn't have to. They have a day off and another comes out to play.

Ramesses was very friendly and happy to hold hands, splash water at us and I swear he was smiling most of the time. He even loved the cuddles, coming to lay across in front of me for a cuddle or just be lazy and have me hold him up. They feel a little raspy like sharks do but not as rough which was a surprise to me.

Even now looking at the pictures I wish I was back in the water with him. Just being near these majestic ocean marvels is enough for me. I'm happy to float around and just watch the antics, playfulness and have them blow raspberries at me through their blow holes. It's hilarious.

I had to share this amazing day with you. It was life altering for me, gave me a greater understanding of dolphins and how the trainer / dolphin relationship works and of course, now I think it's the greatest job in the world and I want to be a dolphin trainer when I grow up! In fact, I think if they offered me a job I would happily stay on Cozumel and live in the water with these majestic creatures... I asked Ramesses what he thought and he thinks it's a great idea. He nodded enthusiastically then sealed it with a kiss!

So I'm off to find the manager of the park and see what I have to do to become a dolphin trainer and spend my days blissfully happy cruising the crystal clear Caribbean waters with dolphins... adios amigos!

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