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Fun Teeny Trains (I stole one... just kidding... but I want to)

The fun train in Sopron, Hungary

I had never really thought about trains that much until I hit Europe and saw adorable little trains like these. See, in a lot of towns and villages they have these fun little tour trains that take people on tours of the city's highlights showcasing all of their attractions. It's such a fun way to get around and yes, I know, they aren't technically trains but I fell in love with them.

Bratislava, Slovakia

I want to make friends with one of the drivers and see if I can snag a drive.

Terrifying... yes.

Fun... yes,

and you guessed it, there will probably be passengers hanging out of the windows shouting with glee or screaming in terror as my maniacal laugh rings through the streets. It will make the whole town want to jump on as I tear around the village on what shall probably go down in history as The Great Train Escapade of... (there will be more than one train and more than one town so I'll insert the year later).

This will be me, just picture people having the time of the their life not somber faced like these folks. Teeny trains are supposed to be a lot more fun than this.

You are more than welcome to join me on that caper! Or, come to Europe and bail me out of jail as I will probably be arrested but it will be worth it.

With all sorts of bells and whistles, you can hear them coming as they putt along the narrow streets, getting into every place imaginable. People sitting in cafés laugh as they go by and none of the locals seem to mind. Kids chase them and it adds to the sense of community spirit on a Sunday morning during brunch.

I want one just to putt around in everyday because not only are they capable of getting around tight places, I am now a little bit in love with them. My fledgling train nerd status growing daily.

The best thing is, I found them in Bratislava, Slovakia and in Sopron, Hungary, around Lake Como, Italy in the small town of Bellagio which has one that looks like it's from Willy Wonker's factory, and let's not forget the UK.

Shugborough Estate in Staffordshire, England.

Tucked away on Shugborough Estate in Staffordshire, is the cutest little train that bought pure joy to everyone inside. Look how happy this grandmother is to be shuttled around on a little train. She was having way more fun than her grandkids and that big cheesy grin! Come on, that made my day.

I absolutely adore this picture with both the driver and passenger so delightedly spending a sunny afternoon in the English countryside scooting around in a teeny train. It makes my heart smile every time I look at it.

Even though I know they don't run on tracks so aren't technically trains, it is amazing to me how they have been adapted and the 'engines' are all so different. There are snub nosed little trains with teeny engines tucked away somewhere that boggle my mind because somehow, they are still powerful enough to take two carts of tourists around town.

And I won't lie, they get up a quite a pace on the wider clear streets. Now you can see why I want to get my hands on that wheel can't you.

Or, others that have huge engines and look like real trains.

Bratislava 'city train', Slovakia

Like this 'city train' in downtown Bratislava which people use instead of taxi's. Isn't that fun! Of course they also have a very advanced tram system that looks like a bullet train, but for me, these little trains were way more fun to putter around in doing the touristy thing taking photos.

My favourite of all was found in Bellagio, a small village on Lake Como in northern Italy just under Switzerland. This village took a hold of my heart which longs to return.

See, I had taken a ferry day pass and spent the day exploring the villages and attractions when I hit Bellagio. It was love at first sight. The lakeside walks, colourful elegant shops and stairs disappearing up steep winding alleys on the mountainside were just begging to be explored.

Then I saw this little beauty...

Like a cross between a Willy Wonka candy train and a marshmallow puffy train I didn't know if I should ride in it or lick it! Even now, just looking at it makes me hungry. This one is also different because it has to make it up around the steep streets, which, take it from me, are quite the workout, so it is actually pulled by a tractor. Isn't that the sweetest tractor you have ever seen... it was for me as I stood there like one of those emoji's with heart shaped eyes.

Never one to be lazy, I loved exploring Bellagio, but this little candy train was a blessing to relax on and get right up the mountain because walking it would have taken all day... and I might have had a heart attack in the process.

So, next time you are in Europe my little Travel Baggers, be sure to listen out for the whistle, horn or toot of a teeny train and get on board. And please, if you snag a drive, send me a picture and I will be insanely jealous and incredibly proud!

Till next time... toot toot... aaaaalllll abooooarrrrrrd... off we gooooo!

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